Top 5 exercises for Enduro

There are plenty of exercises that you can do to improve your performance on the bike, but to really see those gains, you’ve got to focus on some core movements. The top 5 exercises for enduro should be the foundation for anyone wanting to train for enduro riding. So get your gym kit on and try the 5 exercises below and get ready for the gainz!

Squat – To put out big power on the pedals you need to lift big weight in the gym and with the right muscles. The squat is the king of leg strength and power exercises and builds your quads, glutes and core. Really focus on keeping your core muscles (all of them, not just your abs!) tight, and driving the weight through your heels.

Deadlift – If the squat is King, then the deadlift is the President. The attack position on the bike is basically just a hip hinge and your hips are where a lot of your non-pedalling power comes from. Your ability to hip hinge some serious weight will translate onto the bike as serious power.

Pushup – You send it off a drop, land on the flat and your upper body collapses to the bars. The strength you have in your chest, triceps and anterior detoids will determine if you can save it and keep on trucking, or if you lose control and end up in a hedge. Pushups will strengthen these muscles, tendons and ligaments and enable you to push your body back up into position and in control.

Barbell Row – Sailing over a jump, rolling up and over rocks or just pulling wheelies, any time you pull your bars towards your body you are performing a row. A barbell row will build your strength and power in your back muscles, biceps and posterior deltoids. Make sure you brace your core when you row, and place your hands roughly the same width as your handlebars. For extra brownie points and grip gains, row with your index fingers pointing off the bar (as if your are covering the brakes).

Intervals – they suck, they burn and they feel like hell on earth, but intervals are a great way to get your sprinting and power up. Doing intervals also increases your lactate threshold, meaning that your body can get rid of more lactic acid, delaying the burning sensation associated with really intense work. Try doing them on a Watt bike or stationary bike to develop the power in your legs but if you can’t, do them on a rower or if you’re a real glutton for punishment and pain, get on an assault bike/airdyne!

These 5 exercises should form the foundation of your training if you want the work to translate on to the bike and are what our soon to be released Elite Racer program are based on. If you want any more advice, please contact us!

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