How to stay fit whilst in quarantine

Do you think our gyms, benches and barbells are missing us as much as we are missing them? They must be so scared, all alone, no idea what’s going on…

In all seriousness, for those of us who go to the gym as part of their routine, the last few weeks have been a weird one and it is all too easy to let things slide and use it as an excuse to relax in front of the TV. If that’s what you want to do, then absolutely go for it (I have been doing a lot more of it myself!) but there are plenty of things you can do at home, with no equipment to maintain your gains and your fitness.

Finding the time and motivation to workout at home is tough, a lot tougher than going to the gym, throwing some weights around and leaving. I myself have been working out a lot less now that I’m stuck in doors with Tiger King and a cupboard full of Easter eggs.

Still, if you are inclined to workout, bodyweight moves are a great way to keep your muscles working and minimise any losses to your strength. Whilst you aren’t likely to increase your strength doing just bodyweight moves, you can increase your power and speed along with your work load. Doing movements such as jumping squats, clapping push ups, burpees, jumping lunges and Turkish get ups are all great ways to utilise your bodyweight to increase your speed and explosiveness whilst also improving your work load capacity.

Here in the UK, we are encouraged to exercise for an hour a day but not to travel unless it is essential. What that means for mtbing is that we should only be riding trails that we can get to from our house without driving. We should also really be doing mellow XC rides with nothing too crazy or dangerous involved. That new gap, drop or gnarly chute you have found can wait until after lock down. Don’t be that guy or girl that ends up in A&E and putting more unnecessary stress on the healthcare system! A gentle XC ride can still offer us ample opportunity to improve however. Do some hill sprints or attack some climbs. Practice your cornering skills on a flat and wide fire road. Work on your explosive standing starts. Here in Kent, UK, I myself only have a flat woods close to me so have been doing some cornering drills, fireroad sprints and just putting in some miles in the sunshine. I have also been grabbing the jump bike and doing some 10-15 second standing start sprints across a field for 20 minutes just to give the legs and lungs a wake up call.

So get creative in this time so that when the trails are back open and we can shred again, we can hit them at full pace and ride until the sun goes down!

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