Who is EnduroFIT?

Paul Rothwell is a Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer and has been training for 15 years, and riding for even longer. He has raced Enduro for the last 2 years in the UK at the Pedalhounds and Southern Enduro series. He is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals whilst also getting more people out riding and having fun.

He believes that the fitter and stronger you are, the more fun you can have on a bike and the longer you can ride for which means even more fun!

Paul set up EnduroFIT to provide fitness advice, tips and programmes specially catered for enduro MTB’ers to help them increase their strength and fitness levels in ways that will benefit them in their riding.

Based in Kent, UK, his main riding spots are Surrey Hills, Rogate, QE Park, Bikepark Wales and the local Kent trails.

He is also the founder of Yoshira, a MTB apparel company.